There are trends in the world which cannot be explained. An old man accosted a young voluptuous looking Lady who walked past him wearing a butt tight stretch dress which barely covered her derriere, stiletto shoes that were head spinners to any passer-by and  you don’t want to know what her front looked like. He asked for directions which she politely gave but his next question struck her.” You are such a beautiful young Lady, don’t you feel uncomfortable in those clothes?”. Her response was some what shocking. “What’s wrong with the way i’m dressed, i’m not naked!”.

Hmm… now that was a clear case of the conscience feeling a sense of guilt. The old man wasn’t talking about how she dressed but the comfort. So deep down, she knew her clothes were revealing. She knew her body was exposed and she also knew that the old man hit the nail right on the head with that thought provoking question.

A wake up call to the world today. why do we do the things we do? You know its wrong, you feel it wrong but you just don’t want to hear it’s wrong. Your body is you pride. Nurture and protect it because its a sacred temple. People will respect your body only when the see the way you treat it.

A globe with vegetation

A land with boundaries

still waters that run deep…

That is my body.



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