Here go the lovely couple of those times but it’s not their love that caught my eye, it’s the height difference and how they could keep it all going for 10 years. Whoa! Then a young girl’s story came back to me. There was this lovely girl I knew who out of the belief of being the “IT” girl always said she would never stand for anything less. By less i mean when it comes to picking the guys in her life. She had the silhouette guy all built up in her imagination. That tall hunky guy whose got the huge chest and great abs and if I might add, cute butt to finish it all off. She was always so sure that nothing less would come her way, but life is a place where we are mostly dealt with those reality cards where the things we desire most aren’t what comes our way and that can only mean one thing. They aren’t good enough for us. This lovely girl after having fantastic and an all consuming love connection with this swell guy via letters finally came to that long awaited day of meeting that one and only true love. To her dismay he was nothing like the Mills and Boons she had read and had so shallowly thought he would be but in the end he turned out to be another small looking cute dude with small hands and a simple shirt and trouser. WOW! She gaped but was not mesmerized only disappointment as to why cupid has to throw this true love kisses at her.  The question is should true love be questioned and weighed based on the physically?

More than 50% of women will always say yes because more than 50% of the women folk are a product of the romance novel generations where everything is a fantasy and the world is so perfect. If we could only see the man behind the man then love would mean something more. There are three things every woman thinks about when it comes to a short spouse, BF, lover…. or whatever you would like to call it.

 PARTY SCENE: Can i actually show up at a party and in public with this guy beside me without having to feel that poisonous touch of shrugging embarrassment as to “be him presentable enough”.

THOSE FRIENDS: What would my friends think when they see this guy around me. He would seem more like a chaperone than a lover. Who knows I might just tell them his just a friend! Oops!

BEDMATICS: How does one feel having sex with a guy that height!? More like how good would he be in bed and what is the guarantee I wouldn’t be repulsed by him to the point of not allowing my feelings get into the game.

These are all questions gagging for answers but a wise woman once said something to me and till this day it stuck. “There is no such thing as an ugly man”, and then it hit me right there! If Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman could look so great together what would it take from me to make that guy the “IT” man in my life; my true love? Simple! The meal may not look appetizing but I can bet a taste will convince you that you got to get more. just look beyond the surface and dig deeper and before you know it, you’re hooked and on your way to the alter with the most fabulous man alive and it’s not because you’re trying to make yourself happy by saying so or that you want to reproduce a would you say; self consolation but it’s just because you see what no one else would ever be able to see or understand. Love and happiness beneath all that little man there is a goldmine! Leave the romance and go for the real man.


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